Shangri La

Shangri La

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Options, options...

Two more interesting options for a prefab cabin:

Panel Concepts has a number of 'panelized' cabin kits from 12' x 12' bare-bones shells to 20' x 40' insulated and partitioned units. Pro: Whatever you think of the faux log cabin siding, the reported assembly time is one of the lowest I've seen. Con: The nearest distributor with an assembled sample is 5 hours away in upstate New York.

Zook Cabins builds and delivers completed cabins from 12' x 18' to 22' x 48' to your [future] doorstep, taking the 'you' out of DIY. Throw a little more money at them and they'll install a bathroom and custom kitchen for you. Pro: Very competitively priced, can combine trip to the factory with a weekend at Sesame Place for The Boy. Con: I'm always suspicious when a manufacturer claims 'Amish Craftsmanship' on a product that no Amish would ever buy.

Another interesting option came at the suggestion of the LSW: Craig's List. Sure enough, there were a number of barns and antique post-and-beam frames for sale, and even a listing for historic Appalachian log cabins ready to be reassembled on your site (banjo not included).


Shellmo said...

Well at least you are not limited in your choices. Have you visited the Tiny Home blog site yet? I love that place! (If I already asked you this question before, please forgive me.)

CabinFever said...

I have - I feel like I've hit every cabin and plan site on the web at least twice. I don't mind small for myself, but the LSW and The Boy need a little more space.