Shangri La

Shangri La

Friday, April 12, 2013

Counting the Costs

For those of you keeping score at home, here's how this year's costs are shaping up:
  • 320 square feet of millrun solid oak flooring, underlayment and supplies: 2,200
  • Enough primed 1x3, band moulding and toe cap to complete about 70% of the trimwork: 375
  • 100 square feet of kitchen tile, accent tile, grout and supplies: 350
  • 70 square feet of entry tile and related supplies: 250 (est)
  • 8' spiral stair: 2,000 (est)
  • Railings, spindles, newel posts, bullnose oak and misc. to rail off the lofts and bridge: 800 (est)
Then there's the kitchen cabinets, hardpack for the driveway, insulation for the basement, hardwood stove and furniture for next year. And then we need to begin building the guest cottage...

The Season Begins!

...if only briefly. In need of a break at work, I took off a recent Friday to relax, and decided to follow it up with a day trip to Shangri-La to deliver supplies. I asked The Boy if he'd like to join me, fully expecting him to decline. He didn't, and I was pleasantly surprised. He turned sullen, however, when - one hour into the trip - he found out that this was just a day trip, not an overnight. Honestly: I thought he knew.

We pulled into the driveway to find that our property somehow contained the only snow in Vermont, and enough of it that I could not easily walk around the property. How is this possible? It's like we built on a highly localized ice age.

No changes inside, and still no evidence of mice. Weird.

All's Quiet on the Northern Front

I unloaded the truck while The Boy examined a 'meteorite' in the snow outside the front door, and we were on our way home within the hour. The next trip up will be soon, when tiling the kitchen and beginning the trimwork will be on the docket. While we're there, I'll be reserving a pop-up camper for some friends who were foolish enough to volunteer to help with the hardwood on the following trip...