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Shangri La

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mid-May 2011

Pictures from the 'big push' weekend. We didn't quite finish the bathroom, but a lot more drywall went up than anticipated, so it all balances out...

Insulating is a terrible job. It seems easy enough, but somehow you end up feeling dirty and itchy. You can get rid of the dirty with a shower, but about 20% of the itchy lasts for the next week. We finished almost 50% of the walls, though, so at least the end is already in sight.
My friend Nick showed up unexpectedly on Saturday and offered to lend a hand. This was our first 'drop-in' visitor, and - given that he lives 3 hours away - was much appreciated. He claimed to have no building experience at all, but then proceeded to help my father drywall all of the bath and part of the kitchen.
My father - like my sister - can be a real slave driver. Once he starts he doesn't stop, and somehow he kept us working until 6 PM on Monday even though I was ready to leave at noon. Getting home at after 9 PM after 3 solid days of work really sucks when you know you've got to get up at 5:30 AM to get to work on Tuesday, but be damned if we didn't get a whole lot more done than if I had been there myself!

The crew - dad, The Boy, me and Nick. The shower is in, the tile is down, the insulation and wallboard are up and *most* of the plumbing is in place.
Tile is easier than it looks! (Although this is easy for me to say as my father and the LSW did all the work while I ran the PEX.)
Once you get the drywall up, you can really begin to imagine the place done...
...until you turn and face the opposite direction. *sigh*
The solution: Just don't turn around!
It's hard to see, but this pic differs from the one about in that the vanity plumbing is in place, as is the diverter valve and the shower head in the tub. The day we get water from something other than a hose will be celebrated with champagne, believe you me.

So, in summary, the 'big push' weekend resulted in:
A bathtub
Bath insulation
Bath wallboard
Bath tile
90% of the waste plumbing
90% of the inlet plumbing
40% of the total wall insulation
40% of the wall sheetrock

Do we have a bathroom? Not yet. Are we close? Hell yeah!