Shangri La

Shangri La

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Opening Day 2012

LSW here. The Vermonster has requested a blog post from me, although Opening Day 2012 is already a distant memory. (Note to self: increase fish oil supplements.)
As he already reported, we arrived at Shangri La only to discover that we had forgotten pillows, towels, socks and underwear. Much better than forgetting the keys, though, so there's no need to complain.
I had a deadline to meet, so I spent much of our Saturday down in Brattleboro writing an article and searching for underwear while The Vermonster framed out the back deck. He also installed the hose thingy in the picture above. Now we're ready to host Shangri La's first annual fundraising car wash and sprinkler party. 
Hopefully over the next few trips we'll be able to finish off the deck, prime the bathroom and install the vanity. Despite the fact that the sink isn't hooked up to the water yet, I consistently try to turn it on to brush my teeth and wash my hands. Old habits die hard.

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PatsyAnne said...

So glad you're back - missed you over the long winter and was so worried when I read of your illness. Hope you are healing well and that posts will be coming more often. ENJOY, enjoy - and do remember the underwear next time (LOL).