Shangri La

Shangri La

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

All's Quiet on the Cabin Building Front

When we began this project, The Boy was 2 and his needs - while continual - were at least restricted to the home. He was, in a word, ‘portable’, and went where we went, when we wanted to go.

And so we dreamed of monthly long weekends at the cabin, facilitated by my generous vacation days and the LSW’s from-home freelancing career.

What we forgot, of course, was that The Boy would soon become encumbered by interests and activities generated by:
• Him – “I don’t want to go to the cabin – there’s nothing to do there”
• Society – Insofar as absence from school is ‘truancy’
• Us – We’ve become the parents we formerly scoffed at, enrolling him in Soccer, Karate, Religious Education, etc, and ourselves in the PTA, Father’s Club, etc.

So when, exactly, do we get to escape to Shangri-La? July and August, apparently. A shame as we love VT most in the fall. The best I’ve been able to do this year is 2 weekends prior to Thanksgiving for the whole family, and 2 overnights for me. My original goal was to have all of the insulation in and the wall board up this year, but it’s starting to look like the cathedral ceiling and basement insulation will have to wait until next year. I should be able to get all of the wall insulation and wall board up, however.

Since the last post, there was a single trip up the day after the Hurricane. As the LSW noted in the previous post, VT was hit pretty hard by flooding – apparently the result of the land being pretty much water saturated before Irene came a-callin’. The cabin was apparently untouched except for having no power, but the towns around it got hit pretty hard. The major roads in from the North and West were effectively impassable, and my route from the South involved at least one significant detour. I arrived at 3PM, checked the cabin inside and out, breathed a sigh of relief, and headed back south for dinner.

We were lucky, and our thoughts are with many of our neighbors up there as they rebuild.

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