Shangri La

Shangri La

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mid-June and early July 2011

Having failed to achieve a working bath in May, we moved the goal-post to mid-July. This resulted in two interim trips - a weekend trip with the whole family in June and a day trip myself in July.

On the July trip, we celebrated the completion of the siding when my carved fleur-de-lis finally went up in the front gable. Nothing is without its trials however, and - after spending every night for a week carving it - I got a little too enthusiastic with the nail gun very nearly ruined it. After a temper tantrum and a shameful string of profanity, however, I had an idea and - voila! - all is well. (The carving was supposed to be both a nod to my ancestry and a way not to have to shingle the gable. For the latter: Mission Accomplished; for the former: We're a little concerned that people will think that it is a Boy Scout camp...)

C'est formidable!

And so the endless siding job comes to an end!

The other big achievement was all the LSW's - she grabbed the float and grouted all the tile. She then attacked the sheetrock taping. What a woman!

While she was at it, I got the plumbing to the point where only the tub spout and the exterior hose spigot remained. I also hooked up the first of the electric baseboard heat.

And VTel came around to hook up the phone, so now I can call 911 should I happen to nail my foot to the floor...

Finally - contact with the outside world.

We might have gotten ourselves to a working bath, but the LSW discovered that the annual Quechee Balloon Festival was Saturday and we couldn't resist the temptation. 

This, my friends, was worth the trip. Carnival atmosphere, local crafts, plenty of free food samples, plenty of stuff for The Boy, a beer garden, French-and-Indian War re-enactors(!), and lots of balloons.

There were about 30 of them, and the crowd was allowed to mill around the field as they were being inflated and launched - getting you right up close to the action. The boy loved it. We did, too. It is impossible not to be positively giddy when there are a boatload of balloons launching all around you.

Lodging for the weekend was at the Super 8 in Brattleboro courtesy of bargain prices the LSW found on the web. I would have liked to have stayed at the Saxtons River Inn again, but every dime in savings counts these days.

In early July, I was back up for a day trip. I had a long list of things to do, but in the end I managed only to seal the grout and hook up the remaining baseboard heaters. Hennessey Electric came in the following week to inspect my work and hook the the water heater and baseboard heat to the service panel. Done and done. The next trip, we'll be staying overnight...


Bagforsleeping said...

Hello, Ive been following your blog since 2010. I found it while having my own "build a cabin in VT" ambitions. I love seeing the progress youve been making and what it takes to do it all. My father is a contractor and I spent my childhood building homes with him in the summers in Florida, which is where i live now. I have also lived in woodstock, vt and from what i can gather you are right around that area, which is close to my heart(and where i would want to build a cabin myself) My wife is currently going to school in Middlebury for the summer and we were driving up from florida and were wanting to swing by the balloon festival too. Glad you got to go. I will be back up there for a week starting the 30th of this month. If you are planning on coming back up and would like a hand for a day, I would be happy to do so.


PatsyAnne said...

Thank you SO much for the update - its good to know that all is well with your family - AND its wonderful to put faces to all three of you! While reading the blog I gave you faces and descriptions (as one does when reading a book) - and needless to say the only one who even came close was "The Boy" - who is the cutest button around!

Keep up the good work! See I am not the only one who reads your blog, "bagforsleeping does also.

CabinFever said...

Schuyler - if you grew up building homes, you're ahead of where I was when I started; my only experience was helping my father build a garage in high school. I appreciate the offer of help! We're not sure yet if we'll be up that week, but if we are, I'll e-mail you.

PatsyAnne - now that I'm discovering I have a few readers, I'll try to keep this blog more current. Thanks for reading!